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A nice way to discourage phone calls in the library.

A nice way to discourage phone calls in the library.

Waterfront in Craig, Alaska. August 2014.

Totem poles in Klawock, Alaska.

Totem poles in Klawock, Alaska.

Despite the lack of space, I was impressed with Coffman Cove’s use of displays and highlighting of new materials.

Writer’s Guide September Link Check Done Early

Writer’s Guide September Link Check Done Early

In a recent post I mentioned that I was implementing monthly link checking for the sources I’ve written about on the Writer’s Guide. My schedule is to link check the first weekend of each month.

Next weekend is my first shift of the semester at my local university library, so I decided to do September’s link check today. 

During the course of this link check I found that Knowledge– the US Army’s…

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When Nature Calls

Yes. Deer.

Watch out.

Story ends with some tips on avoiding deer collisions. 



Truth. Pass it on



Truth. Pass it on

Over the past few weeks, there have been repeated calls to “take gaming back” from the “white knights”, the SJWs, the liberal “crusaders”. But calling for better gender representation in games and game development isn’t about taking anything away. As an artform, as an industry, as a sport and as countless other things, gaming is growing at the speed of light. Yes, the traditional, “triple-A” boxed game business appears to be in decline, but that’s a poor yardstick for a medium that now encompasses hundreds, thousands of different devices, access points, genres and tastes. Such growth invites, demands and can only benefit from a more diverse and inclusive spread of creators and concepts. This is a question of evolution. It’s about taking what we have into tomorrow. Nobody needs to be excluded. And there is no need to panic.


OXM US Blog: Who’s afraid of women in games? (Page 2) - OXM US

I wonder if the decline of AAA titles has something to do with the vast majority of them being derivative of each other, and gamers are getting tired of the same old thing with marginally different graphics? I wonder if people are growing up and getting tired of dealing with assholes when they try to play these AAA titles online?

Women playing games isn’t the problem. The way some men treat women who play games is.

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Yet more gaming commentary to mull over.






who was the roundest knight at king arthur’s round table

sir cumference

get out

he ate too much pi

oh my god

Ow. So ow. Pass it on.

In-library pizzeria at the Coffman Cove library.